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Beware! Are These 5 Ingredients Present In Your Beauty Products?

As a kid, I used to laugh at all the ingredients written on the back of the shampoo or the moisturizer bottle. Most of the words were unpronounceable! Moreover, trying to read them with the shower water at full blast…

Makeup and Moisturizers: Good for Acne-Prone Skin?

If you have acne-prone skin, what should you know before buying creams, after shave, or makeup?

5 Beauty Essentials For Labor Day Weekend

Are you cramming your tote with your entire beauty shelf? This Labor Day get smart and pack these 5 beauty essentials to look and feel awesome without the heavy burden.

How To Measure The Health Of Your Skin?

Many of us know how to measure our vision, our heart rate but do you know how to measure the health of your skin?

Is Overuse Of Beauty Products Making Your Skin Sensitive?

Is it really a good idea to use many products at a time? If oily skin troubles you, is it a good idea to cleanse, cleanse and cleanse more? In your effort to remove dead skin, are you actually causing harm to it? Is Overuse of beauty products making your skin sensitive?