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The Secret To Healthy Skin- Being Happy!

When you let go of all those negative emotions, not only does your skin feel the positive physiological benefits, but you also experience peace of mind, an increased ability to appreciate the things around you and you feel relaxed. These feelings again, have a number of benefits like better sleep, better health and well-being, and confidence.

Did Your Mother Tell You These Beauty Secrets?

My mother kept this little diary, in which she would keep penning off-and-on, which was always off-limits to us! Both, me and my brother would have these guessing competitions about what she writes in there. The other day she revealed what’s in her “Little Black Book” as we called it.

Celebrity Series: Beyonce’s Beauty Secrets Revealed

Beyonce is what Dream Girls are really made up of. There would hardly be anyone who wouldn’t want her perfect glowing complexion. The dusky beauty has a few tricks up her sleeve (and also perhaps the best aestheticians in the world!) that keep her looking like the star that she truly is, even without a scrap of makeup!
Here mySkin reveals the skincare world of the Bootilicious singer!