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How To Prep Your Skin For Makeup

Is your skin ready for that makeup overload? The color, the paints and the pigments need a clean, well prepped palette; your face-to work their magic. Step it up with these skincare steps for your makeup to glide on.

3 Beauty Learnings At Miss Universe

Team mySkin was with the judges at the Miss Universe, Yugoslavia ( Serbia) pagent and had the privilege of spending some time with these pretty women! These Serbian girls are natural supermodels - tall, athletic, and smart!
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Diva Debbi

mySkin Talking To Personal Shopper And Stylist, Debbi

I've been tracking Debbi's blog posts on for a while now; her work, her stories and her pictorial representation of things beautiful has always held me in awe! I've always wanted to know more of her, her passions, her commitments and she as a 'complete' person. So, it was a 'leap in the air' moment when Debbie agreed on an interview with me:)

5 Spa Treatments For Sensitive Skin

For people with sensitive skin, negative reactions to a spa treatment like rashes and hives are common. They can even turn out to be a dear price to pay. Sensitive skin requires extra care and nurturing. From milk baths to mud body masks, here are five spa treatments to nourish and soothe the most sensitive of skins.

5 Moisturizers That Work In The Fall Season

Fall and winter conditions can be tough on your skin, making it hard for you to keep it moisturized and healthy. Cool air (which has less moisture in it than warm air) and harsh winds can dry out your skin leading to cracking, flaking, and itching. It is important to use a good moisturizer that can both nourish your skin and protect it from the elements. Here are blogger, Bridget's top 5 moisturizer picks that could help you protect and nourish your skin in Fall

How To Look Sun Kissed In Autumn

Autumn- the sun's started playing peek-a-boo :) Your long hours of sunny vacation seem like a dream. Is the changing season affecting your summer tan too? Do you have to kiss your tanned look goodbye? After all, you worked pretty hard to look bronzed and beautiful!

Beauty Products You Can Find in Your Fridge

While drug store and makeup counter beauty products might make big claims about hair and skin care, they can also cost an arm and a leg. But you don’t need to spend a fortune to keep your skin and hair looking its best. In fact, you've probably already got all-natural beauty products right in your refrigerator! Guest blogger Marcela shares her insight.
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Are Chemical Peels Right for You?

Before you decide to get a chemical peel either at the doctor’s office or at a clinic/spa, be sure to understand the differences in the types of chemical peels! There are 3 main types of chemical peels: AHA, TCA, and phenol. They are all named after the chemical compound of which they are composed of.