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Does Candy Give You A Break Out?

Acne giving you trouble? Your sweet tooth could be the root of your agony! So while sugar and spice make everything nice, what they are not nice for is your skin. Here is what you need to know before you grab your packet of candy at the supermarket.

Stay Away From These 3 Ingredients In Your Beauty Products- They Are Breast Cancer Friendly!

Are you amongst the health conscious people who read labels and sticks to preservative free food? Why do you do all this? Isn’t it because you want to make sure that you cover your tracks completely to prevent the dreaded C (CANCER)? But are you equally conscious about reading the labels on your beauty products? Wake-up! Your body absorbs almost 60% of the ingredients of any of the skin care products you use! Here are the 3 main culprits in your beauty products that exposes you to the risk of breast cancer.

5 Quick Fixes For Your Zits

There’s nothing worse than getting ready for a big meeting, date, or that trip down the red carpet than seeing a giant zit staring back at you in the mirror. What’s a person to do? Don’t panic—stress will aggravate your skin more. You need some serious zit-fighting tricks, immediately, so that you don’t have to resort to hiding your head in a paper bag (like you feel like doing). These all-natural zit-busting treatments are mostly made with ingredients you already have in your pantry or medicine cabinet, so no need to raid the drugstore for zit cream. Here you go!

Creating A Healthier Spa Experience

Excited to visit #ISPA2013? Want to go Spa-la-la at #Vegas? Get in the know of a healthy #spa experience? Today we have Annabelle Santos, founder of SPAdet doing an exclusive feature for mySkin. She talks about how you could create a healthier spa experience.

Must Have Fall Beauty Products For 2013

Getting ready to shake up your wardrobe to welcome this fall? Well, along with your wardrobe your skin care will also need the autumn update. So here is a round-up of the beauty products that we love and are absolute Fall 2013 must have’s.

5 Exercises To Reduce The Effects Of Aging

Age is but a number. But while we might not “feel” that number, cruel "time" does leave its mark on its canvas, US! With age, diminishing hormone levels and reduced moisture content aging signs like fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin come in prominence. While we might stock our beauty cabinets with all the creams promising the elixir of youth, there is no better remedy to reduce the signs of aging than a diligent dose of "good old" exercise.

5 DIY Ways To Lighten Acne Scars

Acne scars can seriously damage your self-confidence. Suffering from acne is bad enough and having marks left on your face makes the situation even worse. Luckily, there are certain natural products and ingredients that you can use to remove acne scars. Here are 5 DIY ways to lighten acne scars and look awesome!