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Plastic surgery procedures for teens – are they beneficial?

Plastic surgery procedures for teens – are they beneficial?

People often associate plastic surgery with Hollywood celebrities desperate to augment their appearance in order to look skinnier or delay the aging process. In spite of common images of plastic surgery, just because someone wants to undergo a procedure, it…

Katy Perry Does What To Her Skin?

Katy Perry –the quintessential girl next door, the powerhouse of talent, the diva or the tabloid dream…you just can’t bear getting envious of her! So how does Katy Perry manage to look as good as she does? Here’s a peek into the life of young Ms. Perry and her beautiful skin.

Skintillating Secrets Of Miley Cyrus

Miley is anything but boring! Be it her decision to chop of those Rapunzel like locks or make jaws drop with her raunchy (and also highly inappropriate for some) act at the MTV music awards. She’s anything but predictable. But she does have all of us lusting after her hot body and super glam looks. Here’s a peek into Miley’s skincare secrets.