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Katy Perry Does What To Her Skin?

Katy Perry –the quintessential girl next door, the powerhouse of talent, the diva or the tabloid dream…you just can’t bear getting envious of her! So how does Katy Perry manage to look as good as she does? Here’s a peek into the life of young Ms. Perry and her beautiful skin.

Skintillating Secrets Of Miley Cyrus

Miley is anything but boring! Be it her decision to chop of those Rapunzel like locks or make jaws drop with her raunchy (and also highly inappropriate for some) act at the MTV music awards. She’s anything but predictable. But she does have all of us lusting after her hot body and super glam looks. Here's a peek into Miley's skincare secrets.

Celebrity Skincare- Get A Reese Witherspoon Makeover!

What is it that makes Reese Witherspoon look not a day over 16? The Legally Blonde star is modest enough to give credit for her gorgeous baby skin to great genes. But we all know that there is more to looking good! Reese Witherspoon is a mother of two, a style diva, beauty ambassador, supporter of many charities and an Oscar winner. To top it all, she is a hands on mom who unlike other celebrities doesn't depend on a nanny! So how does she manage to look so great?

Oscars 2012- 5 Skin Celebs On The Red Carpet

When it comes to cinema, the day we all look forward to is The Oscars! This gold figurine at 84 is testament to the great moments of the silver screen; exposing each one of us to the fun, excitement and romance of going to the movies:). With the award its the inevitable red carpet that is most discussed and scrutinized, holding a critical flavor that either puts a celebrity up on a pedestal or thud on the ground for their style, their dresses, their makeup and more. We at mySkin are playing critics, sharing a list of 5 celebs who shone on the Red Carpet for their glowing skin and healthy skin palette- after all, ones makeup looks gorgeous when one's skin is in perfect condition.
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Beauty And Beyonce- A look Into Celebrity Beyonce’s Beauty Routine

Grammy winner, accomplished actress, red carpet favorite, celebrity wife, new mother, perfume brand powerhouse…Beyonce sure does don a number of avatars with effortless ease. Be it her smashing red carpet look on ice pick heels or a wash and wear look, Beyonce looks gorgeous all the time! Wanna know her skin care secrets to help you get skin-licious gorgeous?

Celebrity Skincare: Metrosexual Brad Pitt

Men become more distinguished with age and one glaring example is the newly salt and peppered Brad Pitt. This Hollywood celebrity and global heartthrob is comfortable playing many roles; dedicated dad, social and environmental activist and a philanthropist. If you thought that Pitt, like most men doesn’t take care of his skin then here is a reality check. Let’s take a quick sneak peak and get to Meet Joe Black!

Celebrity Skincare: Flawless Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman- the Aussie beauty known the world over not only for her acting prowess but her flawless porcelain skin! Born in sunny Honolulu, she is a figure of perfection. Almost everything about her is perfect…her skin, figure and honey red hair -making her look fragile yet powerfully beautiful. What is it that keeps her so beautiful?

Celebrity Skincare: ‘Kill Bill’ Uma Thurman

Well in her 40’s, Uma Thurman is still one of Hollywood’s sexiest A listers. Be it the girl from pulp fiction or the sword wielding gal from the Kill Bill series, Uma Thurman at 6 feet has not only an enviable body but skin to die for! Find out which skincare products mySkin recommends using its unbiased algorithm to get The Kill Bill Look!