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5 Nonsurgical Dermatology Procedures for Clearer Skin

Everyone wants youthful and healthy skin, but as we age this can become a losing battle. Many turn to extensive surgical procedure that do produce results, but they are expensive and require significant recovery time. There are five non-surgical dermatological procedures that you can take advantage of that can help you find your way to healthier, younger skin.

Plagued By Acne Past Your Teenage Years?

Unlike your favorite jeans or that band you listened to in high school, acne is something that you may not be able to outgrow in your adult life. For those lucky few, acne can go away, but it can also get worse or spots can creep up on you even if you had clear skin in high school. We are seeing more adults – in their 20s, 30s and beyond – still complaining about pustules, papules and painful cysts. Wendy Lewis, The Knife Coach guest blogs for mySkin on Adult Acne and the various treatment avenues available.

5 Common Bacterial Skin Infections

5 Common Bacterial Skin Infections Answered: Don’t you want to have perfect skin health at all times? But nothing mars your skin health than a bacterial skin infection. Our skin is constantly battling bacterial infections like a shield but sometimes the bugs win due to a weak immune system, stress, environmental factors or genetics. A seemingly insignificant skin puncture because of a cut or a burn can create a gateway for these bacteria to penetrate your skin’s surface and cause a bacterial skin infection.

Why Visit A Dermatologist?

I always considered a visit to my dermatologist a colossal waste of time. Why would I want to visit when I had no severe skin problem? A zit here and there or a bit of skin discoloration wasn’t something that had to be dealt with professional help! I mean a derm. is a doctor and I went to docs. only if I got really sick. But I was in for a surprise. Many non conformists like me were making a beeline for the dermatologists’ office. Why was that?

How To Celebrate Women’s History Month

What makes mySkin unique? When you answer a series of questions about your skin and lifestyle, mySkin’s proprietary technology returns a highly customized combination of products at various price points that are right for you. You can easily purchase these products, save the recommendations to purchase at a later date and even review the items you use now.

Do You Layer Your Skincare Products?

To me, skin care was a simple three step process – cleansing, toning and moisturizing. You go through this process and your skin will be sorted for life. But suddenly the beauty industry exploded with new skincare regimens, routines and products. The new buzzword to hit town is ‘layering’. Layering is everywhere – you had layers in the hair and you layered your clothes. But how much of layering is good on the skin?

My Skincare Bucket List For 2011

With the holiday season finally drawing to an end it is now time for New Year resolutions. This coming year I have decided to put my skin and its health in my resolution bucket list. So still dizzy from all the partying, here are some of the commandments that I have drawn up to turn my skin around.

Erase Wrinkles with Copper Peptides!

A straightening iron very effectively smoothens out the curliest of hair. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have something that could iron out wrinkles as well? Copper Peptides claim to do just that.