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The Sparkling Secret Of Ellen DeGeneres’s Skin

She’s a judge on American Idol, she’s the self-proclaimed “out of the box” CoverGirl, has her own talk show and she’s recently hosted the Oscars. She also has great wit and comic timing and she is a kindhearted person known for her compassion. A role model for many women, she is the author of a book, and she is fashionable and known for her ageless beauty. She is Ellen DeGeneres!

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite

Cellulite is normally harder to get rid of than healthier fat primarily because of its cell structure. So don’t give up hope just yet if the results are not instantaneous. With proper diet and exercise you shall be on the right path to achieve a fitter body, and over time the cellulite will become far less noticeable and disappear.

5 Ways To A Beautiful You With The Extra Daylight Saving Hour

You pushed your watches back by an hour more than a week ago. You are now comfortable with your new circadian rhythms. Does it involve sleeping in and coiling up under the duvet? Nothing incorrect with loving your bed a bit more, but some activity and fun during these extra sixty minutes that could make you look n’ feel awesome sounds better, doesn't it?

5 Days To Natural Looking Skin

Every woman wants seductively supple skin, no matter how old she is or what she does for a living. The problem that most 20-somethings face is that they aren't used to having to work to get their skin smooth and soft. Every teenage girl in the world has a natural glow to her skin, but that fades right at the beginning of the second life-decade. What can you do? Here is a five day guide to natural looking skin.
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10 Incredible Anti Aging Tips

Many handsome men and beautiful women, who were renowned for their beauty during their youth, have looked hideous during their old age. Aging cannot be avoided but there are various ways by which its effects could be delayed or reduced. Here are 10 vital tips to fight skin aging by guest blogger Jenny.

How Exercise Helps Manage Psoriasis

Exercise can help you fend off and manage the skin disease, psoriasis. How is this possible? It's believed that psoriasis might be triggered by obesity- it's estimated that people with this skin disease are more obese than people that don't, and being overweight potentially increases inflammation.
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7 Minute Workout To Look Younger

Today we know that beauty and youthful looks are not just cosmetic but are a result of a healthy diet, a good skincare routine and EXERCISE! But most of us also are very hard pressed for time. So mySkin designed a 7 minute workout for you that revs up your metabolism, banishes your stress hormones, gets your blood flowing and keeps your skin looking younger and glowing!

Top 2 Skin Rocking Celebrities At The Grammys

The 54th Grammys were all about creating musical history, remembering musical greats, reverberating musical performances and last but not the least, the industry celebrities that walked the red carpet with color, aplomb, style and fabulosity! Amongst these beauties, we at mySkin have crowned two lovely songstresses with a ‘Skinlicious’ tiara for flawless, glowing, beautiful skin- Ta Da!! After all, for the makeup to look uber cool, it’s the palette, your skin that makes all the difference:)
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