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5 Ways To A Beautiful You With The Extra Daylight Saving Hour

You pushed your watches back by an hour more than a week ago. You are now comfortable with your new circadian rhythms. Does it involve sleeping in and coiling up under the duvet? Nothing incorrect with loving your bed a bit more, but some activity and fun during these extra sixty minutes that could make you look n’ feel awesome sounds better, doesn't it?
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Feel Glamorous In The Cold Months

As the days get shorter and the nights grow colder, a pampering session may seem all the more tempting. But whether you spend a weekend at the spa, or take the opportunity to book the nose surgery you’ve been planning, it’s a great time to dedicate some time to yourself. It’s not always easy to feel glamorous during the chillier months of the year, but luck is by your side!
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Teen Skincare: 4 Easy Tricks To Glowing Skin

You are a Teen! A special, exciting phase, isn't it? While making sure you have the perfect outfit to shine on your first day of school, it's equally important that you aim to have perfect skin all through out the year! Here are 4 simple tricks to keep your skin looking awesome.

Top 3 Beauty Tips – Women’s Day Special!

Cheers to ALL Women across the globe! Happy Women's day :) Today is the day we celebrate being special, wonderful, charming, and just being ourselves! With all these positive manifestations, how about listening to some wonderful ladies from my twitter-verse who share their top 3 beauty tips to be beautiful and charming?
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Look Charming And Wonderful This Valentines

Valentine’s Day is round the bend - just 5 days away! It’s time to get prepping. Here is a page we decided to put together to help you look your best this V-Day. Charm your wonderful self and set hearts on fire :)

Avocados For Soft, Supple, Caressable Skin!

We all want the best for our skin:) At my friend's place the other day, I saw her mom, who I must say looks ravishing for her age, cutting up a fruit and making a mask out of it- a beauty product right in the kitchen! Curious, I went to see the remnants of the product used- to my surprise they were avocados. Sipping green tea she told me more about this beauty-licious fruit...
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Do I Need To Exfoliate? I Have Normal Skin

Guess what? People with normal skin need attention too. There are very few instances where anything is written about people with normal skin. It’s almost like a great divide that separates us, normal skin people, […]
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Control those Stubborn Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs can be identified in the form of tiny bumps around the skin area where hair has been removed in the form of shaving, waxing, electrolysis and tweezing. Also known as razor bumps, and medically referred to as psuedofolliculitus barbae or pfb, these bumps can cause irritation, scarring or redness.
HBA Global 2010 mySkin device celebrates its debut

Top 7 secret skincare tips great for your skin!

Recently asked skincare enthusiasts to share their skincare tips on how they achieve great skin. We got an overwhelming number of responses! We picked 7 of them that we believe are most original and interesting that you can try at home today!