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Guest Post: 10 Anti-Aging Foods To Look Younger!

Guest Post: 10 Anti-Aging Foods To Look Younger!

An at-home mask is often just what you need to pamper yourself after a long day at work or just as a regular part of your skin regimen. Homemade masks using natural ingredients are always more pure and less expensive than any store-bought brand, and many of them can be made with ingredients you probably already have in your fridge. Just make sure to use only organic products for your masks, to avoid coating your skin in unwanted hormones or pesticides. Read on for the ten best anti-aging foods that can sit on your face…

Avocados For Soft, Supple, Caressable Skin!

We all want the best for our skin:) At my friend’s place the other day, I saw her mom, who I must say looks ravishing for her age, cutting up a fruit and making a mask out of it- a beauty product right in the kitchen! Curious, I went to see the remnants of the product used- to my surprise they were avocados. Sipping green tea she told me more about this beauty-licious fruit…

What Is Organic Skincare? Talk With Toxic Beauty Blog

Are you Green with your skincare? In keeping with the true spirit of St. Patrick’s day mySkin.com profiles a blogger whose passion and commitment to green skincare is commendable and note worthy.

This tete’-a-tete’ with Toxic Beauty blog has been a true learning experience and its given me a deeper insight into organic skincare.