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5 “Look Good” Party Tips

Two days to go! Two days for the countdown to usher in 2014! It’s about time you got into the party prepping mode. Here are five quick tips to look good while you paint the town RED this year.

In 2013 Resolve To Take Care Of Your Skin Faithfully

Every year you make a New Year’s resolution: You are going to start that diet and stay with it until you lose your weight. You’re going to the gym every day. You’re never watching TV again. You’re cutting out all carbohydrates. You’re going to be nice to even the rudest people. And every year, you break them within the first week because they’re so extreme and difficult to fit into your lifestyle! This year, it’s time to make a practical, keep-able resolution: You are going to figure out what routine makes your skin looks its best, and stick to it.