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How To Get Rid Of Cellulite

Cellulite is normally harder to get rid of than healthier fat primarily because of its cell structure. So don’t give up hope just yet if the results are not instantaneous. With proper diet and exercise you shall be on the right path to achieve a fitter body, and over time the cellulite will become far less noticeable and disappear.

Athletes- Stay Hydrated And Win Accolades

Athletes- With all your rigorous training, exposure to the elements and stress, staying hydrated is key to your performance. Dehydration leads to irritability, cramps, malaise, loss of appetite, muscular weakness and a general sense of defeat- now you don't want that to happen! Water, effective hydration from the inside-out and knowing your body water levels are all the need of the hour.
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5 FRUIT-ful Benefits For Your Skin

Guest blogger, Toscha of BLACKSwan beauty blog writes for mySkin! She quotes, "The last few months I've held a "cooking" class for tweens. Instead of filling our bellies, we are 'feeding our skin' with some pretty amazing remedies from Gena Surphlis, creator of COOKING COSMETIC." Read on.

Guest Post: 5 Ways The Environment Affects Your Skin

Beautiful, healthy, and youthful-looking skin is something most of us strive to possess. After all, our skin is the canvas behind the look we show off to the world day in and day out. Our skin, however, can be a bit tricky to care for and many of us struggle to achieve balance, particularly with changing seasons or during travel. Have you ever noticed that your skin looks and behaves differently in spring, summer, winter, and fall or when you travel to a new location? Keep reading to learn about 5 ways your environment can change the look and feel of your skin...
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Know Your Moisturizer- Part I

I can’t live without it-Period! Moisturizers have become so very important in our lives today that they don’t seem like beauty products any more-- they’re more like health products, one which protect our skin health. But, do we know what goes inside that whipped cream or lotion, making our moisturizers indispensable? Here are five key ingredients present in our hydrating products...

Do You Have A Coconut In Your Skincare Routine?

What is it about coconuts that make them so adaptable in beauty and skin care? The small molecular structure of coconut oil ensures it gets absorbed into the body easily. The fruit’s intense moisturizing properties are a perfect skin care solution for harsh, dry winters. Summer skin care benefits greatly with the humble coconut because of its cooling properties and hypoallergenic nature.

Top 5 Tips To Healthy Nails

Have you ever felt the sadness of a broken nail? I noticed that my nails were prone to breaking and chipping ever so often that a perfect French manicure became a distant dream-broken chipped nails are considered sacrilegious in the land of manicures...The color and nail texture are the parameters that decide the health of your nails.

5 Simple Steps To A Great Summer!

Summer is here! So is the time to show some skin. With barely-there make up and the strappy clothes coming out of your wardrobe, you need to skin ready for summer. Here are 5 simple steps you can follow to brave the summer sun...