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Dermatologist Recommended Tips To Avoid Dry Skin In The Winter

As a dermatologist, the biggest complaint that I receive during the winter months from my patients has to do with their dry skin conditions. To keep your skin from drying out and itching during the coldness, there are simple steps that I strongly suggest to many of my patients.

Guest Post: 5 Ways The Environment Affects Your Skin

Guest Post: 5 Ways The Environment Affects Your Skin

Beautiful, healthy, and youthful-looking skin is something most of us strive to possess. After all, our skin is the canvas behind the look we show off to the world day in and day out. Our skin, however, can be a bit tricky to care for and many of us struggle to achieve balance, particularly with changing seasons or during travel. Have you ever noticed that your skin looks and behaves differently in spring, summer, winter, and fall or when you travel to a new location? Keep reading to learn about 5 ways your environment can change the look and feel of your skin…

3 Skin Infections From Your Pet

Having a pet is a hugely fulfilling feeling. Be it a furry friend or a gold fish swimming in a bowl, it warms up your heart for sure. But did you ever realize that your loving pet could be exposing you to a host of germs and bacteria that are reason to your skin concerns?