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Katy Perry Does What To Her Skin?

Katy Perry –the quintessential girl next door, the powerhouse of talent, the diva or the tabloid dream…you just can’t bear getting envious of her! So how does Katy Perry manage to look as good as she does? Here’s a peek into the life of young Ms. Perry and her beautiful skin.

Healthy Foods To Keep You Warm And Comfy

There is nothing like a good piping hot plate of food to keep Jack Frost shut in the box. As the body’s natural temperature drops in the winter, your body needs to keep warm from the outside as well from the inside. The only way for the body to generate heat is from the energy released from food that we eat. While the central heating systems of the house keeps your surroundings cozy, consuming naturally warming foods will keep the body warm from the inside.

What’s Your Skin Health? Moisture And Oil Measurements Of Your Skin

In my earlier SkinCurve article, we talked about how moisture changes in your skin during a typical day. While measuring a single characteristic, like moisture, may be insightful, you need to measure a whole profile to best know what’s happening with your skin. If you don’t, it’s like reading your blood pressure but instead of getting 120/80, you only get the systolic number (120)—it can be very misleading. Let’s look at two of the important skin measures, oil and moisture.