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3 Awesome Winter Makeup Tips

Change your makeup like you change your clothes! With the polar vortex and deep freeze chilling you in full gusto, your skin needs all the extra attention and love. Your skin is dry and you notice that the natural color of your skin is changing with the cold and lack of sun exposure. Its important that you go in for a makeup overall, as mySkin calls it!
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Get This Look For Mardi Gras

Parties, parades and masquerades! It’s time for Mardi Gras again. In with the Purple, Gold and Green, Get this look – be the Mardi Gras Queen!

The ABC Of BB Creams

Is it possible to streamline our beauty routines and also save on some space (and some money) on our beauty counters? Can one beauty product really do it all? The beauty industry has capitalized on this need and has come up with the trending BB Cream making it the hottest beauty buy. BB Creams are flying off the shelves everywhere, from makeup counters to drugstores. So do you know the ABC of your BB cream?
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Are You Ready For Spring? 3 Cosmetic Options For Masking Varicose Veins

Every person wants to know is how to fix varicose veins, or at the very least how to disguise them. Most people are realistic enough to know that it is unlikely that anyone is going to be able to make their legs look like they did when they were 20. On the other hand, most people aspire to be able to wear shorts, knee length skirts and swimming costumes without feeling embarrassed or self-conscious.

How To Prep Your Skin For Makeup

Is your skin ready for that makeup overload? The color, the paints and the pigments need a clean, well prepped palette; your face-to work their magic. Step it up with these skincare steps for your makeup to glide on.
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5 Back To School Skincare Tips

The first day back to reality is always dreadful and daunting. This year it doesn't have to be! This year you are going to put your best skin forth and take on the school year with confidence. Go back to school with healthy, clear and radiating skin by following these 5 “Back to School” skincare tips.
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Revealing Beaute Talks About The Makeup Show NYC

Two days of makeup, color, seminars and fun :) That’s how I feel after attending The Makeup Show NYC held recently on May 13 and 14 where over 6,000 beauty professionals, educators, beauty bloggers and leading beauty brands gathered at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York. The Makeup Show NYC guest blog has been submitted by a dear friend of mine, Frances Williams. She is the founder of the Revealing Beaute Blog and a wonderful twitter pal.
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5 Beauty Tips For Super Bowl Sunday

Yes! The Giants and Patriots kick off at 6.29 pm today ( Sunday 2/5 ) for one of the biggest win in American football - the XLVI Super Bowl final! Woot! I'm going to have the time of my life cheering, drinking, savoring potato chips and enjoying the biggest party till I am drop dead tired...all very bad for my skin. To top it, on Monday I don't want to look like a raccoon, belch like a pig and have a severe hangover! Here are 5 Super Bowl Beauty Tips to look skin healthy and glowing the day after.

How To Get Budget Friendly While Buying Cosmetics

The prices of high-end cosmetics are increasing day by day and it is becoming almost impossible to buy them. Brands like Chanel, Dior, Estee Lauder, and Lancome are now targeting the high spending customers only. But many women are averse to spending such huge amounts on cosmetics alone. This article by guest blogger Kate Wilson will act as a guide to those consumers who are price-conscious when it comes to buying cosmetics.