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Lessons We Learned From Our Mothers About Skin Care

Lessons We Learned From Our Mothers About Skin Care

For most of us Mom was our first teacher. Helping us learn to navigate and explore the world around us and shape us into the people we are today. With Mothers Day this weekend, the team at mySkin reflected on the lessons our mothers taught us, that drive our passion for healthy skin, skin care products and our latest innovation OKU.

Did Your Mother Tell You These Beauty Secrets?

My mother kept this little diary, in which she would keep penning off-and-on, which was always off-limits to us! Both, me and my brother would have these guessing competitions about what she writes in there. The other day she revealed what’s in her “Little Black Book” as we called it.

Daughters & Sons- Thank Your Mother For Your Beauty Routine!

Mommy is mommy! She’s always there to hand you a healing hug, feed you that delicious hot chicken soup when you’re sick and sometimes even, frog-march you to bathroom for a wash! You roll your eyes once more as she tells you to stop fussing with that zit!