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Eat your way to healthy skin

Eat your way to healthy skin

You know your stuff about products and follow a regimen religiously, but your skin doesn’t have the healthy glow you want. You know the old adage, “Beauty comes from within”? All of your efforts to get healthy, beautiful skin from…

Did Your Mother Tell You These Beauty Secrets?

My mother kept this little diary, in which she would keep penning off-and-on, which was always off-limits to us! Both, me and my brother would have these guessing competitions about what she writes in there. The other day she revealed what’s in her “Little Black Book” as we called it.

3 DIY Winter Moisturizers

There’s a nip in the air. To quench my water thirsty skin, it’s time to add, mix and whip few wonderful moisturizers in my kitchen. You could go au natural with these fabulous, at home, DIY hydrators power packed with the goodness of Peaches, Coconuts, Olive Oil, Milk, Shea Butter and Bees Wax!

6 Tips To Great Skin From Greece

When I say ‘Greek’ you say ‘Grecian Goddess’! It’s known that Greek women bathed in ‘attar’ that was imported from Egypt. They used to cover their lissome bodies in olive oil and then work out-this was to sweat under the oil. The soil which when got stuck on their skin during the work outs was then removed with a ‘stleggida’, a tool which resembles a sickle. Talk of an ‘all- in-one’- work out, moisturizing and exfoliation routine!