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Rainy Day Beauty Tips For You

Throughout human history, people and cultures all over the world have celebrated rain and it’s life-giving power. All life is dependent on rain, and rain is what keeps our world green and fresh and beautiful. Rain is no less important today than it has been in the past, and now people around the world have Rain Day, a day to celebrate all things wet and wonderful.

Top 8 Tools You Need For The Perfect Halloween Manicure

Halloween is just around the corner. While you might have to wait until October 31 to wear your costume, why not get into the spirit of this holiday early by sporting a Halloween-themed manicure and pedicure? Colors like black, orange, and purple will lend a definite Halloween-friendly look to your fingers and toes.

Guest Post: The Fish Pedicure

Fed up of trying to soak and scrub away the hard skin on your feet? You could use the good old pumice stone, various blades and tools to shave off the hard skin. But, all these tools require a lot of effort, especially if you have a lot of tough skin. Now there is a much easier way to have soft supple feet- the Garra fish pedicure!