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Oily Skin: The Precursor to Acne That You Can Stop in 6 Simple Ways

it should be noted that we all have—and need—skin oil (also called sebum). Sebum is necessary for healthy skin. Too little of it and our skin because dry, too much of it and our skin gets too oily. Unfortunately, each of these scenarios can lead to acne. Dry, flaky skin can mix with oil, dirt and bacteria and clog our pores, creating inflammation in the form of acne. Too much oil can lead to clogged pores, in which dead skin, bacteria and more oil can accumulate and, you guessed it, cause acne. The best way to prevent acne is to get oily skin under control.

The Oddest Skincare Products That Work

When it comes down to going that extra mile to take care of your skin, how far can you go? Do you have your quirks to skin care or certain secret ingredients up your sleeve? Are you brave enough to try unusual therapies and odd products? Here are mySkin’s choice of quirky products and treatments that work.