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How OKU fits into your daily routine perfectly

How OKU fits into your daily routine perfectly

Life is busy nowadays, right? With so many things on everyone’s plate, we try and take the best possible care of ourselves, but let’s be honest: we don’t want it to take forever!

Skincare is one area of self-care we often talk about, since it is very complex and covers health, beauty and wellness realms, as well as some others. The right skincare routine makes you glow and feel confident, but also makes you healthier, more self aware and… confused!

With all these routines, recommendations, brands, products, recipes and promises, it may seem like keeping a good basic skincare routine is like studying a complicated field. We at mySkin know those worries all too well and had them on our minds when we set off to create OKU.


OKU, as you might know by now, is your personal skin coach. It’s a tiny, super-handy, beautiful gadget that helps you unlock your skin’s potential. But how exactly does it do that? It connects to your iPhone and gives you insight into your skin’s state, potential, concerns and products, all in one place. OKU is your overall skin coach – whether you’re concerned about choosing the right product, tracking your skin’s progress on a daily level or tackling that one thing that bothers your skin the most, OKU’s got you covered.

The OKU app gives you lifestyle, diet and product recommendations and lets you log your habits and current products so you can get a really detailed and good overview of how your skin is feeling. And you know what’s the best thing? It only takes 10 minutes out of your day! 


OKU is small and compact, so it can sit anywhere in your home: your bathroom, living room or by your bed. For optimal results, you scan with OKU once in the morning and once in the evening and then just put it back in its base again. The scanning process lasts around 5 minutes and it’s just enough to get to know everything that’s necessary but without bugging you for hours. It is a process that is short, fun and informative, so it makes you want to come back to it every day…twice!

The fact that OKU usage is so quick makes it a seamless addition to your usual routine, but that’s just in the beginning. Once you try it out, it will most certainly become the foundation of your skincare regimen!

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Know Your Sunscreen Ingredients

Do you know what ingredients make up your sunscreen? When shopping for your sunscreens look for these common ingredients to know whether their presence is good or bad, for you, your family and loved ones. Know why these ingredients are added and what is their role in sunscreens. You can also set your product preferences by filling up ‘products free of’ choices while signing up on mySkin.com to get sunscreen recommendations correct for your skin profile. Happy Summers:)