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Reduce Rosacea Facial Redness Rapidly

Reduce rosacea facial redness by eating healthy, applying camphor oil, staying away from rosacea triggers, dabbing oils at night, consulting a doctor when needed.

Fact Or Fable? – No Sun, No Sunscreen

Fact Or Fable? – No Sun, No Sunscreen

We’re going to post a series of ‘Fact or Fable?’ articles to decipher the skincare myths and facts, such as: Will eating chocolate cause acne? Will doing facial exercises make you look younger?

Send us your skincare doubts and we’ll buster that myth!

Rosy Rosacea Myths Revealed

Rosacea, which resembles acne, is often misdiagnosed as adult acne, primarily because of the their similarities. Rosacea is typically characterized by persistent skin redness specifically across the cheeks, nose and forehead. Its similarity with acne lies when pimples, blemishes, skin inflammation and bumps that accompany it.