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3 DIY Winter Moisturizers

There’s a nip in the air. To quench my water thirsty skin, it’s time to add, mix and whip few wonderful moisturizers in my kitchen. You could go au natural with these fabulous, at home, DIY hydrators power packed with the goodness of Peaches, Coconuts, Olive Oil, Milk, Shea Butter and Bees Wax!

Shea Butter To Softer Skin

100% natural African Shea butter has a smooth soft texture. When fresh it has a tinge of light grey to yellow colour with a natural aroma that reduces with time. Although it becomes harder with age, it never loses it sheen.

What Is Organic Skincare? Talk With Toxic Beauty Blog

Are you Green with your skincare? In keeping with the true spirit of St. Patrick’s day mySkin.com profiles a blogger whose passion and commitment to green skincare is commendable and note worthy.

This tete’-a-tete’ with Toxic Beauty blog has been a true learning experience and its given me a deeper insight into organic skincare.