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OKU Availability Update

Where’s my OKU?   Many of you have been asking when OKU will be ready to ship, so we decided to share an update about where we are with OKU right now. Since OKU is […]
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Chemical Peels 101

If you’ve been wondering what chemical peels are, how they work and whether you should get one done, we’ve summed up a short guide through this treatment technique to help you stay informed and make […]

Aromatherapy Oils & 5 Ways To Use Them

If you’re into skincare, wellness or beauty products in general, you’ve probably heard a lot about essential oils, aromatherapy and the benefits it has to our health. If all those stories weren’t clear enough or […]

GUEST BLOG: 6 Ways to Get Naturally Glowing Skin

Acne, pigmentation and most of the other skin issues we generally have are easily manageable with a few natural tricks. Try these out before you decide to visit a dermatologist for your next visit, or try them in conjunction with your physician’s medication.