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Fact or Fable: Dark Skin Doesn’t Need Sunscreen

When discussing dark skin such as that of Africans, African Americans, Asians etc., one of the most widespread fallacies is that there’s no need to wear sunscreen if your skin is dark. This assertion cannot be further from the truth.

Rosy Rosacea Myths Revealed

Rosacea, which resembles acne, is often misdiagnosed as adult acne, primarily because of the their similarities. Rosacea is typically characterized by persistent skin redness specifically across the cheeks, nose and forehead. Its similarity with acne lies when pimples, blemishes, skin inflammation and bumps that accompany it.

Skin and Lifestyle: Are they connected?

Skin and Lifestyle: Are they connected?

What role does lifestyle play in your skin’s appearance? As the mind is capable of dealing with stress to a certain level its limitations can be expressed through the body, such as a decreased metabolism and dull skin. Dark circles, wrinkles, fatigue can be enhanced due to stress.