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Oily Skin Concerns? Say Hello To Charcoal

How black is your skincare routine? Startled, aren’t you. You’ll be surprised to know that charcoal is great for your oily skin.

Featured Expert: Dr.Julia Hunter, Dermatologist & Founder Of Wholistic Dermatology

Today, we have Dr. Julia T. Hunter, Dermatologist and Founder of Wholistic Dermatology with us at mySkin. Its a pleasure getting her expert advice on looking younger, flawless and gorgeous!
Presenting Dr. Julia T. Hunter 🙂

mySkin Talking To Milly- The Dynamic Woman Behind Beauty Logic Blog

I couldn’t have thought of any one else but Beauty logic to share her genuine expertise for helping us make better skincare decisions. Thanks Milly for this wonderful interview and making our Hispanic Heritage Month a great success- Cheers!

4 Simple Tips Your Skin Will Thank You For!

Cleanse, Shave, Tone, Moisturize- 4 simple tips your skin will thank you for!

5 Ways To Remove Facial Hair

5 Ways To Remove Facial Hair

Should I reach out to my Tweezers or is it a better idea to wax? How about using a razor? Find answers to these facial hair removal questions.