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Top 2 Skincare Tips For Our Olympic Team

Just two days away from the biggest sporting event- The London Olympics! You are training hard at your practice camps, burning the midnight oil pumping, flexing and toning your muscles. You are focused to perform your best! Are you in the 'skin' of your game? Are you protecting, nourishing and taking care of your largest organ- your skin? Here are 2 quick skincare tips that should help. Expert insight provided by Carolyn and Taylor.

mySkin Was At The Natural Beauty Summit, New York

The Natural Beauty Summit, America was held on May 14th-15th in New York at the Sheraton hotel. An intimate group of influencers and trailblazers in the field of natural beauty attended and mySkin was honored to be invited as part of the group.
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Celebrity Skincare- Get A Reese Witherspoon Makeover!

What is it that makes Reese Witherspoon look not a day over 16? The Legally Blonde star is modest enough to give credit for her gorgeous baby skin to great genes. But we all know that there is more to looking good! Reese Witherspoon is a mother of two, a style diva, beauty ambassador, supporter of many charities and an Oscar winner. To top it all, she is a hands on mom who unlike other celebrities doesn't depend on a nanny! So how does she manage to look so great?

Beauty And Beyonce- A look Into Celebrity Beyonce’s Beauty Routine

Grammy winner, accomplished actress, red carpet favorite, celebrity wife, new mother, perfume brand powerhouse…Beyonce sure does don a number of avatars with effortless ease. Be it her smashing red carpet look on ice pick heels or a wash and wear look, Beyonce looks gorgeous all the time! Wanna know her skin care secrets to help you get skin-licious gorgeous?

mySkin’s 3rd Skincare Pit-Stop Is At Beautiful Miami

Its a proud moment for us- our scientists, innovation and technology teams, dermatologists have been working together, toiling hard, hitting roadblocks, surging ahead with excitement and shedding quite a few pounds *wink* -- to give YOU an innovative imaging device that 'fingerprints' your skin telling you your hydration levels, your aging patterns, your current skin status and recommend products that would work best for YOU! Join us to experience 'The mySkin Dermograph' on our 3rd skincare pit-stop at Saks, Miami:)
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mySkin Talking To Ava- Founder Of My Skin Concierge

Interview: Think Spas and one transcends to exotic and luxurious beauty treatments, refreshing relaxation, aromatherapy oils, music and candles! I was real excited to meet a spa-licious person, Ava, founder of My Skin Concierge to talk on skincare, beauty and the ultimate spa experience- doesn't hurt to leverage beauty advice from a spa n' travel expert like her:)

Top 5 Tips To Healthy Nails

Have you ever felt the sadness of a broken nail? I noticed that my nails were prone to breaking and chipping ever so often that a perfect French manicure became a distant dream-broken chipped nails are considered sacrilegious in the land of manicures...The color and nail texture are the parameters that decide the health of your nails.

Sun Block And Sunscreen – Differentiated!

Do you think that planning a summer outing by the beach only consisted of packing the right clothes? It is essential that you get the right sun protection too. So is sun block going to be your choice or will it be a sunscreen?