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What Is The Correct Way To Wash Your Face?

You consider your ‘once-in-the-morning’ and once-in-the-evening’ water-splashing routine perfect and you have even invested in expensive products. Great! You sure get a pat on the back for making a start! However, are you really washing your face the ‘correct’ way? Arm yourself with right dos and don’ts of face washing.

SkinCare Resolutions Not Meant To Be Broken

Little skin care steps, when followed regularly and correctly go a long way in maintaining good skin health. Sometimes, even the most beauty-wise woman tends to forget repeated sunscreen application, skip removing makeup before bed or even forgets her yearly skin check-up. If it is complexion perfection that you desire, these ‘do-it-daily” resolutions will get you there.
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5 Back To School Skincare Tips

The first day back to reality is always dreadful and daunting. This year it doesn't have to be! This year you are going to put your best skin forth and take on the school year with confidence. Go back to school with healthy, clear and radiating skin by following these 5 “Back to School” skincare tips.
Kate Middleton

5 Beauty Tips To Look Flawless Like Kate Middleton

It’s been a year since Kate Middleton; Duchess of Cambridge is blissfully married to her Prince Charming, William. Wouldn’t you agree, isn’t she a beacon of style, panache and glamour? She's always in focus- be it her sojourns across the globe, her royal commitments or her time spent with family and friends. The camera lens loves her! And she wins hands down looking flawless, beautiful, youthful and great each day.
Reese Witherspoon

Celebrity Skincare- Get A Reese Witherspoon Makeover!

What is it that makes Reese Witherspoon look not a day over 16? The Legally Blonde star is modest enough to give credit for her gorgeous baby skin to great genes. But we all know that there is more to looking good! Reese Witherspoon is a mother of two, a style diva, beauty ambassador, supporter of many charities and an Oscar winner. To top it all, she is a hands on mom who unlike other celebrities doesn't depend on a nanny! So how does she manage to look so great?
Skin Routines

101 On Skincare Routines

When I chanced upon mySkin, I was delighted to see a dedicated feature on skin care routines. This is the place where many like me come to talk and solve their skin care questions and maintain a skin care regimen diary. Not only can you create your own routine you can browse through skin care routines created by many others. You’ll meet and know what your SkinTwin™ is using - what works for your twin usually works for you.
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Ava My Skin Concierge

mySkin Talking To Ava- Founder Of My Skin Concierge

Interview: Think Spas and one transcends to exotic and luxurious beauty treatments, refreshing relaxation, aromatherapy oils, music and candles! I was real excited to meet a spa-licious person, Ava, founder of My Skin Concierge to talk on skincare, beauty and the ultimate spa experience- doesn't hurt to leverage beauty advice from a spa n' travel expert like her:)
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5 Reasons To Change Your Skincare Routine

Change is the new constant! Isn’t it? Most of us make a skincare routine change when we get tempted by the latest invention, we find our friends talking about a certain Holy Grail product, we get enticed by pretty faces in magazines or TV commercials or we just like the shape, color, feel of a new product. Pretty bottles and temptation aside, do we really need to make a skincare shift? The answer is yes!