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How To Keep Your Nose Glowing In Winter?

It’s the holiday season- there I hear “Rudolf the red nosed reindeer” floating in the air! Its fine calling Rudolf red nosed, but not me. Many a times what outshines my nose are the blackheads on it. Snowflakes are fun but my nose skin gets dry and flaky too. Here are simple tips to keep you looking nose-savvy:)

Guest Post: 3 Home-made Beauty Recipes

Guest Post: 3 Home-made Beauty Recipes

There are some wonderful products out there on the market today, backed by sophisticated research. However, sometimes, all the research you need is the evidence of your own eyes, and the wisdom of generations of women before you. Before there were commercial beauty products, there was still skin-care! Open your kitchen cupboards and you’ll find the things you need to make some very effective treatments to have you looking and feeling great. Many of them are incredibly simple too. Here are three of the best examples by our guest blogger, Izzy Woods.

Latest Trends In Acne Treatment

In this post on, ‘Latest Trends In Acne Treatment’, guest blogger Melissa shares her thoughts on blue light therapy, vitamin B5 usage and Accutane. The post has been completely written by the guest blogger and the thoughts expressed are hers alone. mySkin does not endorse to any products or sites mentioned in the post.

Can I Use My Face Moisturizer As An Eye Cream?

I have often wondered, are eye creams a fable…an urban legend that we all listen to and abide by or are they an absolute must. With the growth of the beauty business into a billion dollar industry, I wonder if all these new inventions really work and are they scientifically driven in reality. It was time for some expert consultation to figure out if the veterans saw eye to eye with the eye creams!

Do You Have Beautiful Elbows?

Are dry, chapped, hyper pigmented or scaly elbows a part of your identity? Surprisingly, we land up with bad looking elbows with our neglecting them in our skin care regimes. A little effort and care will transform your corners:)

3 Skin Infections Viral In Origin

I’ve heard of viral marketing, but it came in as a surprise to know of skin infections being viral in origin too. Viruses attack and compromise the skin- we need to have our battle plans ready against them. These infections range from being common to rare and can go from being mild to severe. Here are three viral skin infections that you should ideally keep your eyes open to…

3 DIY Winter Moisturizers

There’s a nip in the air. To quench my water thirsty skin, it’s time to add, mix and whip few wonderful moisturizers in my kitchen. You could go au natural with these fabulous, at home, DIY hydrators power packed with the goodness of Peaches, Coconuts, Olive Oil, Milk, Shea Butter and Bees Wax!

Top 10 Acne Fighting Foods

Top 10 Acne Fighting Foods

You are what you eat, isn’t it? But, it’s crazy to believe that eating pizzas, chocolates and other junk food items gives you acne! No doubt, these foods contribute to acne flare-ups but there are many other factors like hormones, genes, skin type, environmental impact and your skincare routine that could give you the zits. Interestingly, as certain foods contribute to flare ups, there are some food pyramid items that help fight acne.

Guest Post: The Long Term Effects of Heavy Makeup Use

Hey Ladies! We all know that looking our best sometimes requires a little accenting of our natural beauties with complementary makeup colors. Unfortunately this can easily be over done and often times is! When this occurs long term damage actually takes place. Lets take a look at what some of the consequences to your skin are from over indulgence in makeup and how to avoid them.

Fact Or Myth: The Miracle Worker For Your Skin- Acai Berries

Fact Or Myth: The Miracle Worker For Your Skin- Acai Berries

I have often wondered if this berry from the recesses of the Brazilian jungles is as miraculous as it is touted to be for one’s skin or is it just another smart marketing gimmick. Being a beauty geek and conscious consumer it was time to put on my Hitchcock hat!

mySkin Talking To Milly- The Dynamic Woman Behind Beauty Logic Blog

I couldn’t have thought of any one else but Beauty logic to share her genuine expertise for helping us make better skincare decisions. Thanks Milly for this wonderful interview and making our Hispanic Heritage Month a great success- Cheers!

Guest Post: 5 Ways The Environment Affects Your Skin

Guest Post: 5 Ways The Environment Affects Your Skin

Beautiful, healthy, and youthful-looking skin is something most of us strive to possess. After all, our skin is the canvas behind the look we show off to the world day in and day out. Our skin, however, can be a bit tricky to care for and many of us struggle to achieve balance, particularly with changing seasons or during travel. Have you ever noticed that your skin looks and behaves differently in spring, summer, winter, and fall or when you travel to a new location? Keep reading to learn about 5 ways your environment can change the look and feel of your skin…

Let’s Talk Of Beauty-full Spain!

Don’t you love everything Spanish? I, for one, absolutely adore everything about Spain… their culture, their food and especially their people. Who doesn’t go weak in the knees at the sight of a gorgeous Spanish beauty? Here is your chance to get that Spanish perfection for your skin- let’s take our mySkin beauty bus to Espanol 🙂
Are you from the beautiful land of Spain? Tell us how did you find this article? What other skincare tips can you add? Love to hear from you- Spanish experts:) Adiós! Hasta pronto!

Is Overuse Of Beauty Products Making Your Skin Sensitive?

Is it really a good idea to use many products at a time? If oily skin troubles you, is it a good idea to cleanse, cleanse and cleanse more? In your effort to remove dead skin, are you actually causing harm to it? Is Overuse of beauty products making your skin sensitive?

Guest Post: The Fish Pedicure

Fed up of trying to soak and scrub away the hard skin on your feet? You could use the good old pumice stone, various blades and tools to shave off the hard skin. But, all these tools require a lot of effort, especially if you have a lot of tough skin. Now there is a much easier way to have soft supple feet- the Garra fish pedicure!

Reader Q & A On Keratosis Pelaris

I was asked on Facebook, ” Can you help me with my son’s white, rough bumps on the arms and shoulders. I’ve tried everything to get rid of them but to no avail. Help!!”. This mother’s cry for help hit me hard making me write this post on Keratosis Pelaris. I wanted to reach out to more who find Keratosis Pelaris real annoying to live with. After all, 4 out of every 10 adults are diagnosed with this skin condition.

Know Your Moisturizer- Part I

Know Your Moisturizer- Part I

I can’t live without it-Period! Moisturizers have become so very important in our lives today that they don’t seem like beauty products any more– they’re more like health products, one which protect our skin health. But, do we know what goes inside that whipped cream or lotion, making our moisturizers indispensable? Here are five key ingredients present in our hydrating products…

10 Power Foods For Great Skin

10 Power Foods For Great Skin

Show me one person who doesn’t want a healthy, glowing skin. All of us are in the quest for healthy, blemish free and definitely, younger looking skin. While you might have a favorite miracle cream or beauty treatment the real secret to how the skin looks begins from the inside. What you eat determines your skin health since it is the nutrients contained in the foods that render the softness, suppleness and healthy glow to your skin.

Do The New FDA Regulations On Sunscreens Impact Product buys?

The FDA recognizes the need to help consumers in understanding sunscreens better and has come up with new directives for sunscreen manufacturers to sell their products. Here is a sharp look at what these regulations are to help you make your sunscreen buys easier.