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Meet mySkin At IECSC Las Vegas- Enjoy Healthy Skin

Our transdermal skin imaging technology helps estheticians and beauty advisors look beneath the surface of client’s skin to reveal true skin health at a very affordable price.

Are You Still Using That Melanoma Giving BED?

Melanoma is like the dangerous mythical beast Hydra – growing two heads when one is cut off! If the melanoma reaches even a millimeter deep in the skin, or is likely to reach the lymph nodes, there is an 85 % chance of fatality! According to the Melanoma Research Foundation, almost 65 percent of melanoma diagnoses are connected to exposure of UV rays both found outdoors or in tanning beds.

Do You Take Your Skin Seriously? National Healthy Skin Month Special

Do you take your skin seriously? Do you listen to your mole? Do you consult a dermatologist regularly? Do you battle with acne and blemishes? Do you know what works for your skin? These are hard hitting questions which many of you shy away from!
mySkin has the answers for you!

The skinScan App: What Is Your Mole Telling You?

Why is there buzz about applets that can self examine your moles, tell you if they are cancerous, connect you to a dermatologist and store your ‘skin health’ information? Simply because, Prevention is Better Than The Cure- these apps. help you listen to what your moles are telling you and catch the bad, crazy cancer cells in their early stages. Presenting The skinScan App. for Windows phone!