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GUEST BLOG: Ingredients To Make Your Smile Healthy

GUEST BLOG: Ingredients To Make Your Smile Healthy

A smile that can make people stare is often hard to accomplish. They would take a second look instead because of the bad state of your teeth: yellow and stained. But, there are remedies available to bring back that smile….

The Secret To Healthy Skin- Being Happy!

When you let go of all those negative emotions, not only does your skin feel the positive physiological benefits, but you also experience peace of mind, an increased ability to appreciate the things around you and you feel relaxed. These feelings again, have a number of benefits like better sleep, better health and well-being, and confidence.

Top 3 Beauty Tips – Women’s Day Special!

Cheers to ALL Women across the globe! Happy Women’s day 🙂 Today is the day we celebrate being special, wonderful, charming, and just being ourselves! With all these positive manifestations, how about listening to some wonderful ladies from my twitter-verse who share their top 3 beauty tips to be beautiful and charming?