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The benefits of facials

If healthy skin can be achieved by living a healthy lifestyle, eating a well-balanced diet and following a consistent skin care regimen, do you really need to get professional facials? While professional facials can be […]
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Tips for Beautiful Holiday Skin

Holidays are a time to enjoy and unwind, but sometimes it can be a bit of a hassle to squeeze in some time for yourself. What you need to change in your skincare during the […]
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Take a holiday from stress!

While waiting for the holidays, you might as well get some useful tips on getting rid of stress. Might come in handy for the cold days to come!

Don’t Get Beauty Stressed! Take It in Your Stride

Is your skin trying to tell you something? Though you religiously wash and exfoliate every day, your skin is getting drier and more acne prone. Moreover, that zit turned up even though you just had your facial spa yesterday! While we all know that taking care of your skin and pampering it is good, overdoing your regimen is not. Don't Stress with your skin- be skin happy.

Is High Blood Pressure Aging You Faster?

Good looks today are not only about your external beauty and your internal youthfulness. With the wellness industry booming one cannot help but realize that beauty is, indeed, skin deep. But I was in for a shocker when I found that high blood pressure, a disease so seemingly far removed from skin aging, can actually be a big contributor to those budding lines on your face!

How To Celebrate Women’s History Month

What makes mySkin unique? When you answer a series of questions about your skin and lifestyle, mySkin’s proprietary technology returns a highly customized combination of products at various price points that are right for you. You can easily purchase these products, save the recommendations to purchase at a later date and even review the items you use now.

My Skincare Bucket List For 2011

With the holiday season finally drawing to an end it is now time for New Year resolutions. This coming year I have decided to put my skin and its health in my resolution bucket list. So still dizzy from all the partying, here are some of the commandments that I have drawn up to turn my skin around.

How Skin Stressed Are You?

Ever wondered why your skin looks so great when you get back from a relaxing holiday and then just gives up on you when you get back into the rigmarole of daily life? Life today has become a constant battle with us juggling gazillion things all of which needed to be done as of yesterday. Stress is a word that has managed to find its way in our everyday vocabulary! But did you know that stress not only affects you psychologically but also wrecks havoc on your skin.