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Sun Protection In Colder Months

Sun Protection In Colder Months

It may be cold and without a dash of sun outside, and most people won’t even think for a second about putting on sunscreen. But should they? The fact is, even though there is no direct sunlight during colder days,…

5 Harmful Ways UV Impacts Your Life

UV radiation can lead to acute or chronic health effects, affecting the overall immune system, eyes and skin cancers. Let’s look at 5 harmful effects of UV radiation.

The Real Danger of Choosing Not to Wear a High SPF Sun Cream – Malignant Melanoma

With climate change on the incline, who knows when there’s going to be a heat wave? With the worst droughts the US have ever seen this year to extreme heat waves in England, you have to protect yourself from the unexpected UV rays and always be prepared. Guest post by Michaela.

Good Sun & Bad Sunscreen: 2 Myths About Sun Protection By Dr. Agnes Olszewski

Dr. Agnes Olszewski, founder and CEO of Herborium Group Inc. talks about 2 myths about sun protection that you need to know. Guess what! The Sun Is Bad For You is a Myth and thinking that All Sunscreens Protect You Effectively and Safely Is A Myth Too!

Fact Or Fable? – No Sun, No Sunscreen

Fact Or Fable? – No Sun, No Sunscreen

We’re going to post a series of ‘Fact or Fable?’ articles to decipher the skincare myths and facts, such as: Will eating chocolate cause acne? Will doing facial exercises make you look younger?

Send us your skincare doubts and we’ll buster that myth!