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How OKU fits into your daily routine perfectly

How OKU fits into your daily routine perfectly

Life is busy nowadays, right? With so many things on everyone’s plate, we try and take the best possible care of ourselves, but let’s be honest: we don’t want it to take forever!

Skincare is one area of self-care we often talk about, since it is very complex and covers health, beauty and wellness realms, as well as some others. The right skincare routine makes you glow and feel confident, but also makes you healthier, more self aware and… confused!

With all these routines, recommendations, brands, products, recipes and promises, it may seem like keeping a good basic skincare routine is like studying a complicated field. We at mySkin know those worries all too well and had them on our minds when we set off to create OKU.


OKU, as you might know by now, is your personal skin coach. It’s a tiny, super-handy, beautiful gadget that helps you unlock your skin’s potential. But how exactly does it do that? It connects to your iPhone and gives you insight into your skin’s state, potential, concerns and products, all in one place. OKU is your overall skin coach – whether you’re concerned about choosing the right product, tracking your skin’s progress on a daily level or tackling that one thing that bothers your skin the most, OKU’s got you covered.

The OKU app gives you lifestyle, diet and product recommendations and lets you log your habits and current products so you can get a really detailed and good overview of how your skin is feeling. And you know what’s the best thing? It only takes 10 minutes out of your day! 


OKU is small and compact, so it can sit anywhere in your home: your bathroom, living room or by your bed. For optimal results, you scan with OKU once in the morning and once in the evening and then just put it back in its base again. The scanning process lasts around 5 minutes and it’s just enough to get to know everything that’s necessary but without bugging you for hours. It is a process that is short, fun and informative, so it makes you want to come back to it every day…twice!

The fact that OKU usage is so quick makes it a seamless addition to your usual routine, but that’s just in the beginning. Once you try it out, it will most certainly become the foundation of your skincare regimen!

Guest Post: 7 Things you Should Know about Sauna Etiquette

Guest Post: 7 Things you Should Know about Sauna Etiquette

The basic rules of sauna-going for beginners are here!

Latest Trend: Personal Tracking Devices for Overall and Skin Health

Latest Trend: Personal Tracking Devices for Overall and Skin Health

Over the past 30 years technology has made it possible to keep us connected 24/7, simplify daily tasks and empower us to take control of our lives and health. More people then ever are concerned about health and wellness – not just losing weight, but improving diet, sleep and physical fitness for heart and overall health. Getting healthy has been made easier by the use of wearable personal fitness tracking devices.

GUEST POST: Top 5 Exotic Spa Treatments

GUEST POST: Top 5 Exotic Spa Treatments

All of us are subject to trends and marketing. In terms of spa and spa business, it is no longer good enough to visit your local spa. Nowadays, people are searching for a global option for their relaxing wellness vacation….

GUEST POST: Home Spa Hacks

GUEST POST: Home Spa Hacks

Sometimes we all need a bit of pampering, but if you don’t have time to book an urgent spa appointment, you can still achieve health and beauty benefits by trying some spa hacks at home.

Meet OKU – world’s first personal skin coach!

Meet OKU – world’s first personal skin coach!

You wear a device to track your steps, sleep and heart rate. What if you had something that could track your skin health and help you develop a customized anti aging regimen and motivate you to stay on track? Meet…

Tips for Beautiful Holiday Skin

Tips for Beautiful Holiday Skin

Holidays are a time to enjoy and unwind, but sometimes it can be a bit of a hassle to squeeze in some time for yourself. What you need to change in your skincare during the holidays are not your products….

Why Is Yoga Good For Your Well-Being?

The Benefits Of Yoga From mySkin. Get working with Yoga in your wellness routine- feel fit, fine and happy 🙂

The Secret To Healthy Skin- Being Happy!

When you let go of all those negative emotions, not only does your skin feel the positive physiological benefits, but you also experience peace of mind, an increased ability to appreciate the things around you and you feel relaxed. These feelings again, have a number of benefits like better sleep, better health and well-being, and confidence.

Health And Wellness On The Go With These Wearables

Technology is zooming ahead in leaps and bounds. The world is getting smarter, life is getting quicker and gadgets are making life simpler. All these attempts to meet and adapt to the ever expanding needs of the “Gen-next” has the gizmo world digging deeper into wearable technology and devices.

9 Beauty And Health Benefits Of Adding Beet Juice In Your Routine

If you want to stay healthy and beautiful, you need to play your part in keeping your body and skin in its best form. There are certain super foods that have astounding effect on your health and may help in increasing your heath naturally. One such food is beetroot. With an earthy sweet taste, it not only tickles your taste buds but brings in a plethora of beauty and health benefits.

Enjoy A Perfect Picnic- The mySkin Way

It’s a lovely summery-sunny day! A perfect day to pack a basket full of goodies and head out to the beach with friends and family, or drive down to a wild, untouched location and enjoy the beauty of nature amidst family, friends and a scrumptious picnic basket. Enjoy International Picnic Day, the mySkin way.

Spending Real Time With Friends Boosts Your Immunity

Want to improve your wellness quotient? Its simple! Spend a day chilling out with your gal-pal’s, hang out with your gang of guys, or simply head out to a spa with your BFF. We’re serious! Your friendships are the route to a higher wellness quotient and eventually, better skin.

Rumor: Your Age Is A Mind And Body Game

Bryan Adams sure got it right with his song,”18 till I die…” Age is just a number and feeling young or old is a matter of your mind. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter! Having a youthful outlook to life can keep you feeling younger, no matter what your chronological age is. When you feel young, you are going to look young.

Feel Good With Puppy Love

When you reach home, are you welcomed with a BIG, WET, SLOPPY kiss on the nose? Your ecstatic, excited, bouncy pup is waiting to see you, for sure! The thought itself brings a smile to your lips and melts away your exhaustion and stress, does it not?

Your Beauty Products Spread Cheer

Today is Human Rights Day- a day we rededicate our efforts to equality, peace and a better tomorrow for the human race across caste, creed and geography. Beauty companies are focusing on spreading health, wellness, happiness and education amongst the less fortunate. Their initiatives help women, men and children hope for a healthy, safe and happy future. So, I ask, “Where do you stand?” How are you making a difference in another human being’s life– even if it is a tad bit?

5 Foods To Sleep Better

Proper time management and incorporating some form of physical exercise are very important to staying healthy. But sometimes the main culprit in not getting enough sleep could be your diet. So, if a warm glass of milk before bed is not your cup of tea, then here are five foods that can help you eat your way to better sleep.

Does Candy Give You A Break Out?

Acne giving you trouble? Your sweet tooth could be the root of your agony! So while sugar and spice make everything nice, what they are not nice for is your skin. Here is what you need to know before you grab your packet of candy at the supermarket.

Boost Your Confidence With These Feel Good Foods

Haven’t we all attacked that tub of ice cream with a vengeance to feel good, only to feel worse after? While certain foods do give you that temporary good feeling, most of them just leave you bloated and dehydrated. The results show on your skin and personality! But there are a few foods that are not going to riddle you with guilt…instead will make you feel better and far more confident. Here are mySkin’s confidence boosters.

5 Exercises To Reduce The Effects Of Aging

Age is but a number. But while we might not “feel” that number, cruel “time” does leave its mark on its canvas, US! With age, diminishing hormone levels and reduced moisture content aging signs like fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin come in prominence. While we might stock our beauty cabinets with all the creams promising the elixir of youth, there is no better remedy to reduce the signs of aging than a diligent dose of “good old” exercise.