Start Cycling This Spring

What better way to lose all the accumulated weight during winter holidays than to snap out of your commuting routine and start cycling to work? 1 – it’s good for your body, 2 – it’s good for the environment, 3 – you can save some money you’d otherwise  spend on gas and public transportation fees.  Cycling gives you a sense of achievement, and altough it may sound a bit complicated in the beginning you should be okay by  following these simple tips.

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Essentials To Get Started

You don’t need a brand new expensive super-bike to start cycling. But before you dust-off your old bike that has been long forgotten in your basement, you should make sure to run it by your local bike repair shop to check if everything is in working order. Any used bike you find on e-bay could work, too – you don’t need a specific bike to start commuting, and everything you need to turn it into a proper commuting bike can be added later on. Mudguards and frame bags are really easy to mount and come by. Rear and front lights are a must, if you’re returning a bit later. And a helmet is a no brainer – better safe than sorry. If your route is a bit longer, you should have a puncture repairkit and some basic mending knowledge.

Start Easy and Test Your Routes

You don’t need to cycle every day. Start off by adding a day for cycling to work every week, and then build up. If it’s raining or you just don’t feel like it, take a day off. You should build endurance  as you go.  Check the best routes on Google Maps to avoid traffic and get to your office faster and choose the best options. Drive a variation of different routes to and from work a few times to get an idea of dangerous spots and or possible alternative street paths that can get you there quicker.You can also ask other commuters for advice. You’ll be pleased to avoid crowded public transportation or being stuck in a traffic jam.

Avoiding Sticky (and Sweaty) Situations

One of the biggest reasons people don’t like to bike to work is because they’re afraid of not feeling fresh when they arrive at the office. To avoid being sweaty and sticky when you get at the office, you should bring your work clothes. If  you don’t have the option to shower at work, wet wipes should do the trick. To avoid having to carry a heavy bag, you can bring your clothes for a week up front instead. If you’re in a casual working environment and you don’t feel the need to bring aditional clothes, you can cycle in the same clothes keeping in mind you take it easy. There’s no better way to enjoy the nice weather.

Keep Your Bike Safe

Getting your bike stolen will seriously ruin your day (and probably your enthusiasm for cycling). Investing into a good lock is definetely a good idea. And if locking in public, make sure the bike is locked on a busy, well-lit street, rather than an isolated dark alleyway. If your coworkers don’t mind it, the best option is to bring your bike with you into the office building.

Happy cycling!

Start Cycling This Spring

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Start Cycling This Spring

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