Winter Skincare: How To Prevent Dry Skin

As we all probably know so far, winter is the harshest towards those with dry skin. Low temperatures, snow, frost and especially the harsh wind tend to dry out skin and make it flaky and uncomfortable. Of course, there are always things you can do to minimize the effect of winter weather on your skin. So let’s go!

1. Moisturizer
The holy rule of skincare is to always moisturize, but especially during winter. This doesn’t only apply to your face, but your body as well, since it tends to get dry because of the thick warm clothes we put on. If your skin is very dry, feel free to choose heavier, thicker lotions and creams than the ones you use in the summer.

2. Wear gloves!
Even though some people don’t use them, gloves don’t only supply warmth to your hands – they also stop them from drying out and react to the cold weather. It’s a win-win situation!

3. Water and tea intake
Winter probably isn’t the season when you feel most thirsty – and we understand that! However, sipping the adequate amount of water or some herbal tea, such as green or camomile tea can help hydrate not just your skin, but your entire body.


4. Room humidity
When it’s freezing outside, what’s the one and only thing you expect from your home or office? To be warm, of course! Still, keep in mind that heaters usually dry out the air, which can ultimately affect your skin even when you’re indoors. Turn on a humidifier once in a while and enjoy your cozy home with no skin worries!

5. Showering Tips
Generally, hot water isn’t really good for your skin, since…you guessed it, it dries it out. Having in mind this will probably not make you take a lukewarm shower, you can reduce the probability of dry skin with a couple of tips. First, you can dry finishing your shower with a splash of cold water, which will close your opened pores when you finish showering. Then, when using a towel, you can tap it instead of rubbing it on your skin. Third, you can try showering with baby oil instead of a regular shower gel – baby oils are gentle and they form a protective, soft layer on your body. And as the last tip, we always go back to the first step: slather some lotion as soon as you’re dry!

These 5 things can really make a difference in how your skin looks and feels during the coldest season. If you’ve tried some of these out or have some other beneficial tips to add, leave them in the comment section below!

Winter Skincare: How To Prevent Dry Skin

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Winter Skincare: How To Prevent Dry Skin

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