Winter Skincare: How To Take Care Of Your Lips

Our previous blog post gave you some essential steps to prevent dry skin in winter. This one will deal with the most efficient ways to keep your lips in shape during cold weather. Let’s get started:

  1. Exfoliation
    Lips need an occasional scrub too! During the winter, make sure you exfoliate your lips around once a week, so the dead cells get removed and your lips are soft and not flaky. You can get one of many lip scrubs or make your own at home, with sugar and olive oil! 
  2. Bad Habits
    Chewing your lips is never a good habit, but in winter it can get really tricky. By chewing your lips you make them vulnerable to cracking and small wounds, which get especially sensitive to wind and the cold.
  3. SPF
    The good old SPF never goes out of fashion! If you’re a dedicated skincare lover, you most likely know how important it is to use SPF even in winter. If your day cream has an SPF, apply just a bit of it to your lips too. A bit of protection can’t do harm! 
  4. Moisturizing
    Once again, back to basics. Pick a plain, basic lip balm and carry it in your bag. The protection it can give your lips is amazing, especially during harsh windy days. Just apply it before heading outdoors and you’ll feel the difference immediately!

If you have any other useful tips or DIY recipes for winter lip care, please do share them with us – we love a good reader suggestion!

Winter Skincare: How To Take Care Of Your Lips

Winter Skincare: How To Prevent Dry Skin

Winter Skincare: How To Take Care Of Your Lips

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