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Guest Post: 7 Reasons Why People Are Having Facial Fat Grafting Procedures

Guest Post: 7 Reasons Why People Are Having Facial Fat Grafting Procedures

Volume loss in the face is expected as part of the natural aging process; however, modern day patients are opting to turn back the clock and restore loss of volume in the face with a facial fat grafting procedure. Facial…

Plastic surgery procedures for teens – are they beneficial?

Plastic surgery procedures for teens – are they beneficial?

People often associate plastic surgery with Hollywood celebrities desperate to augment their appearance in order to look skinnier or delay the aging process. In spite of common images of plastic surgery, just because someone wants to undergo a procedure, it…

Guest Post: Types, Health Benefits & Side Effects: 3 Things You Should Know About Probiotics

Guest Post: Types, Health Benefits & Side Effects: 3 Things You Should Know About Probiotics

Although people have consumed probiotics for thousands of years, scientists are just now beginning to fully understand how they affect our bodies. What are probiotics? Probiotics are bacteria or yeast that, when consumed, is thought to improve the function of…

Guest Post: A Guide to Moneysaving Skincare

Guest Post: A Guide to Moneysaving Skincare

When your wallet’s on the light side, it’s kind of difficult to justify spending all the money you’ve earned on skincare. Truth be told, caring about your skin doesn’t require you spending wads of cash – with just a bit…

Guest Post: The Real Reasons Why You’re Still Getting Acne

Guest Post: The Real Reasons Why You’re Still Getting Acne

Acne is a pretty common problem for many of us. Although younger people are more prone to breakouts, adults can suffer with the embarrassment, annoyance and pain of acne as well. On the horizon are many reasons why breakouts occur,…

Guest post: Tightening serums and facial exercises – are they alternatives to surgical procedures?

Our guest blogger suggests some good non-surgical methods for fighting aging!

Join Us For Great Conversations At HBA Global 2014

We are speaking at HBA Global Expo And Conference 2014 happening from June 10-12, 2014 at Jacob Javits Convention Center, Nw York. Looking forward to seeing you!

Curious To Know Your Skin Health!

Curious to see how your skin is faring in this year’s brutal Northeast winter? Redeem our skin consultation coupon at IECSC NY, Booth 357 and find out in just a few minutes!

Get This Look For Mardi Gras

Parties, parades and masquerades! It’s time for Mardi Gras again.
In with the Purple, Gold and Green, Get this look – be the Mardi Gras Queen!

Creating A Healthier Spa Experience

Excited to visit #ISPA2013? Want to go Spa-la-la at #Vegas? Get in the know of a healthy #spa experience?
Today we have Annabelle Santos, founder of SPAdet doing an exclusive feature for mySkin. She talks about how you could create a healthier spa experience.

5 Etiquettes For The Spa Goer

Are you a spa believer? Do you firmly believe that nothing washes away all your stresses and fatigues like a trip to the spa?
To make your spa experience enriching, wow! and comfortable- without those small land mine moments, here are your five spa etiquettes. Follow them as you spa up!

Expert Tips To Looking Awesome By Deidre Gavin

Do you know the secret to feeling and looking wonderful on V-day? Deidre Gavin, owner of the Naturally Bare Boutique Spa, talks to mySkin on what works!

mySkin Talking To Personal Shopper And Stylist, Debbi

I’ve been tracking Debbi’s blog posts on for a while now; her work, her stories and her pictorial representation of things beautiful has always held me in awe! I’ve always wanted to know more of her, her passions, her commitments and she as a ‘complete’ person. So, it was a ‘leap in the air’ moment when Debbie agreed on an interview with me:)

Interview With Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc, Plastic Surgeon, NYC

Here is a quick round-up of our interview with Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc, world renowned plastic surgeon and a wonderful person to know, against the back drop of the Aesthetic plastic surgery and anti-aging medicine media breakfast.

Featured Expert: Dr.Julia Hunter, Dermatologist & Founder Of Wholistic Dermatology

Today, we have Dr. Julia T. Hunter, Dermatologist and Founder of Wholistic Dermatology with us at mySkin. Its a pleasure getting her expert advice on looking younger, flawless and gorgeous!
Presenting Dr. Julia T. Hunter 🙂

mySkin Talks To Nate Dakar, President & Co-founder, Sonya Dakar Skincare

This was an opportunity not to miss- talking to Nate, the co-founder and president of Sonya Dakar Skincare at the #NYSpaShow. What a wonderful person he is- friendly, knowledgeable and smart!

mySkin Talking To Charmaine- Host Of Popular Video Beauty Blog Glamology

It always feels great to meet ‘that special someone’ who is driven by unbound energy, creativity and passion in educating people about ingredients present in beauty products telling us the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ of this massive and many a times mind boggling cosmetic world. I felt like I’d met a friendly ‘skin-encyclopedia’ after talking to Charmaine Cianciullo, the host of the fabulous video beauty blog, Glamology.

mySkin Talking To Milly- The Dynamic Woman Behind Beauty Logic Blog

I couldn’t have thought of any one else but Beauty logic to share her genuine expertise for helping us make better skincare decisions. Thanks Milly for this wonderful interview and making our Hispanic Heritage Month a great success- Cheers!